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Partial and complete dentures

Denturist services

Partial and complete dentures

Complete dental prosthesis

Also known as dentures, it is recommended when there is a lack of natural teeth. Removable, it is held in place by a suction-adhesion phenomenon following tooth extraction. Fixed, it is held in place by implants.

Partial dental prosthesis

Also known as a partial, it is recommended when several teeth are missing or when the neighboring teeth of a gap are not strong enough to support a bridge. It can be removable or attached to implants.


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The complete or partial dental prosthesis aims to artificially replace your natural teeth and gums. The Implantology and Dental Art Center is delighted to work with Mr. Marlo Sciaretta, a denturist who has  excelled in prosthesis for many years.

Dental aesthetics require both technical and artistic skills from your denturist. That’s why it’s considered an art. The Implantology and Dental Art Center on Île des Soeurs offers comprehensive denturist care. All our services are located at the same address. You thus benefit from complete service for all your needs in one place. For denturism, we are the reference in the Montreal metropolitan area.

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